Monday, 16 December 2013

I forgot about this blog!

Until approximately 7 minutes ago I forgot all about this blog which I too was invited to be part of, seeing as I am having some down time I thought I would share with you some ramblings.

On considering what exactly I should blog about I had a number of options which  are as follows:
a) a repetitive rant about a bad school I have recently worked in
b)what I have been up to musically recently (I left Old Suits last November which gives me little to contribute other than my getting quite cocky with a mock wood ukulele). 
c) A pointless yet amusing story with no moral
d) A 500 word snipe at Manchester United's current position in the Premier League. United fans (many of whom are not from Manchester and those that are not are possibly considering supporting their local team like everybody else does this season) will merely make a joke about money *ahem-pot, kettle, back* and use phrases such as Champions League, Barcelona and Council House to insult me. Needless to say I would inform them that I have never lived in a council house (not that there is any thing wrong with that) and remind them that this season we have scored 47 goals and Barcelona have scored 44. 

Anyway, tangents aside I decided on neither of these options as aside from option C everything else has already been summed up. Instead I am going to talk about tourettes syndrome. The reason being is that I apparently have it. I have always had a tic, mainly nodding and the occasional limb movements  and nothing more. However in recent months it has gotten worse and the more I think about it the worse it has become. 

Two weeks ago I started saying words, 'shit' and 'coin' for some reason are favorites. I believe this is purely psychological as before I started undergoing tests I did not have any vocal tics and if I did they were rare!

I have to say that despite the embarrassment the tics can cause people are so wonderfully understanding. I am lucky that it is minor. Friends make jokes, even my partner does impressions. My reaction is to laugh at it too, it really is funny though! Saying the word 'coin!' out of the blue is strange which suits me just fine. I am strange. As long as there is no malice (which there isn't) it is all good. 

Anyway, I have rambled enough. 

Over and out! 

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