Friday, 17 December 2010

Ruth Goodman

I am currently watching Goodman make Winberry jam and getting very excited about bell ringing, the reason I am blogging about Ruth Goodman is because she is one of the most entertaining TV historians alongside Tony Robinson. Goodman for those of you who don't know, is a famous historian who has stared in several historical reality TV shows such as Victorian Farm, and Victorian Pharmacy among others; she has also done some work with BBC History magazine and runs classes on historical crafts.

I fully admit to being a bit of a history geek, I have always enjoyed history, it fascinated me immensely, and the fact that Goodman is so enthusiastic about what she does keeps me glued to the screen, she really throws herself into her work, even sticking her hands in war buckets off piss just to make some yellow, sleeping in a wet ice cold bed to get rid of the common cold, and laughing like an insane child at the seemingly most 'ordinary' things.

I minor fact about Goodman is apparently in 'real life' i.e not on TV (obviously) Goodman chooses to live as people from the past did in a "say NO to Daz as water can alone can keep your whites whiter than is not possible to be whiter than white, you lie Jennifer Ellison! AND YOU, Mr Winton" way (she does not use detergent to wash her clothes, just in case you didn't get the picture). Bear in mind, I took this information from Wikipeadia, it's accuracy could be dubious to say the least, but if it is true, fair play!

I have to admit, I have been watching the shows partly for her as she is bonkers, absolutely off her rocker, giggling at things I can't seem to find so amusing myself, but I love her for it. Ruth Goodman, you are ace.